Realty and Property Management

EcoBlu Realty is premised on the comprehensive regulatory changes by the recently-established Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in all the states to organise the real estate sector and transform the ecosystem of developers, brokers, owners, buyers, realtors, investors, and various service providers.  The provisions empower state authorities and municipalities to enforce landuse plans, regulate developers, mandate digital transactions, enable innovative market instruments through REITs, PPPs, etc, and encourage sustainable business models whilst preserving the ecological values.

Although most of the real estate sector in India is in the residential, commercial and industrial segment in urban metros, we see future growth in Tier 2 and 3 cities, crossover towns, and settlements around scenic mountains, retirement communities and temple towns, as well-heeled techies and self-owned businesses seek to move out of metros to the quieter environs with better quality of life, especially in the post-covid scenario.  We also see development policies focus more on domestic growth to improve the quality of life in the vast Indian hinterland, where cost of living is more affordable given that on-line services, off-grid technologies, roads and most social services have penetrated most towns.

In carefully reviewing realty sectors, commercials and transaction volumes, EcoBlu has targeted the niche segments of ecotourism sites, small farms, approved sites, pre-owned villas and lands that can be leased from local government.  With our base in Goa and RERA registration, our realty focus is in the Western Ghats located in the crossover towns along Goa-Karnataka-Maharashtra borders.  Likewise, our Mangalore presence targets niche properties in the scenic Shringeri-Shimoga belt.  The ghat areas outside the fringes of reserve forests also offer the best potential for EcoBlu Reality to feed land banks to our social venture of developing Nature’s Wilderness Trail (NWT) properties.  The difference we would like to make to the reality sector and our strategy is articulate in the figure.

Our approach is to correct the trust deficit in the realty sector.  We shall verify properties, papers, ownership and ensure that the sellers and owners have realistic price expectations to conduct fair and transparent transactions.  Unlike most dealers who go with adertisements posted on property website, we shall develop technical and commercial packages on the property based on proper representations with owners and buyers.  Our dealership arrangements result in faster transactions as the papers are checked, visits are conducted, negotiations are concluded, and sale deed is swiftly registered – moreover, since we have architectural, engineering and contracting capabilities, we can conduct property remodeling, renting and caretaking, especially when the buyers are out-of-state.

So, are you an absentee property owner? – no worries, we are aware of the issues faced by non-resident house owners such as maintenance, cleaning, bills, etc. Whether it is an independent house, flat or small land holding, we will discuss the scope of engagement with you and attend or manage your property’s basic upkeep needs on a contractual basis. In addition, we will also follow up on the status of your property/documents with authorities as required as we note that several people living abroad may find it difficult to follow up on the status of the property papers. Further if you wish to engage or provide your residence for potential home stay customers visiting Goa, we can assist and facilitate this as well as part of our contractual agreement. 
Contact us for your buying/selling/rental/services requirements : or +91 9420553558